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During the day, front signage works well to signify to customers your presence. But, as the sun sets, does it still reflect your company as well? It’s pointless to have a fantastic sign if your clients can’t find you after dark. Illuminated signage provides excellent value by allowing your signs to function for your organisation 24 hours a day for a small extra charge.

Lightboxes Printing may serve as both a frontage and a light source, and they are typically the most cost-effective way to give your business a new look and invite new clientele.

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Don't pass up the chance to show off your brand with LightBox Printing!

Today, it’s hard to go shopping without being blinded by large screens clamouring for your attention left, right, and centre. Because of technological developments over the last two decades, ads, particularly in-store advertisements, have grown in size and brightness.

Lightboxes printing grab the attention and convey a sense of refinement, whether they’re used beneath awnings, behind reception or checkout desks, or anyplace outside or inside your institution. Many shopping malls require a lightbox or other illuminated sign to be posted over your store’s entrance.

There’s nothing quite like having your marketing ads lighting up from behind to get people’s attention. All of the colours and graphics in your posters are accentuated and changed brilliantly using backlit printing, ensuring that potential buyers are drawn to them.

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Why do you need our Lightbox Printing services?

Our handmade lightboxes are made to your exact requirements in-house by our framing department, utilising your choice of moulding from a wide range of gallery-quality exhibition mouldings available for our bespoke framing services. 

Furthermore, all of our lightboxe printing are illuminated with only the best quality LED panels, which not only allows us to manufacture larger light boxes but also ensures that they are uniformly lighted from edge to edge. With our backlit printing, your posters will stand out from the crowd! Our high-quality backlit posters are ideal for lightboxes printing of various sizes. To ensure a quick response, our printing service employs high-speed technology.

We specialise in high-quality, same-day, and superfast digital print solutions, as well as inventive, bespoke print materials to help you and your company, stand out from the competition and earn new business.

Why shop for LightBox Printing from Bloom graphics?

Superfast turnaround

Your posters and signs will become absolutely exciting and magnificent when you use our backlit printing services. We are really proud of our lightning-quick response time. If you have a tight deadline for a backlit poster, please contact our expert staff right now.


We offer high-quality lightbox printing for a variety of lighted displays and promotional applications. We manufacture amazing quality colourful lightbox posters in razor-sharp high resolution utilising UV stable, non-fade HP inks on high-spec, high-speed digital presses.

Ace your advertising game with LightBox Printing

In a crowded retail setting, it’s easy for customers to pass by advertising posters on store walls without noticing them. They are, after all, awash in commercials and promotions. When you use a flattering backlight, your photos gain a new degree of depth and character. The setting becomes instantly more engrossing when used in conjunction with the shop’s floor layout and lighting.

All fashion retailers confront the issue of being relevant. Design trends change quickly, and it’s all too simple for a store’s interior to become outdated and out of step with what customers want. Because of their eye-catching properties, lightboxes are an excellent choice for the fast-paced retail sector.

One of the most prevalent offline marketing tactics in the city is backlit posters. They’re ubiquitous in waiting areas, public transportation, shopping malls, and more! You’re in need of posters, and we’ve got you covered!

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